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Goldsmith Teo Pavlovski is the son of Stefan Pavlovski, born in Split.
He was born into a family of filigree jewellery manufacturers whose production dates back to 1850. Filigree is a family-oriented area, whose techniques are passed down from generation to generation.
From an early age, Teo showed interest in this skill, recreating it in his children’s games. At the age of 13, he made his first piece of jewellery – a ring, which immediately adorned the hands of our client.
He started his goldsmith career in his father’s workshop in Split at the age of 16,when he was 19 he became a full partner in his father’s craft, which he took over completely at the age of 23. From the very beginning, with his dedicated work, which he is constantly perfecting, he creates jewellery with great filigree precision.
His passion and professionalism is recognized by the goldsmith Jurišić from Dubrovnik, who introduces him to Dubrovnik’s traditional jewellery, and Teo with his knowledge and skills adopts the techniques of making that jewellery as well.
For his shop in Dubrovnik, he continues to produce both Dubrovnik and Croatian traditional jewellery, which requires great precision. Despite his great love for traditional jewellery, he carefully follows new trends and market demands. His passion for what he does encourages him to constantly develop as a professional.