Vrećini / Župske

VREĆINI are lavish, baroque grape-shaped earrings that have traditionally been inherited within the family, and over the years, in addition to their material value, they also gained an emotional one.The brides wore them on their wedding day, which is why they were also called the Bride’s vrećini. These earrings are a typical example of conservative old forms of 17th and 18th century civic jewellery worn in the city. This type of dangling two-piece earrings has been preserved in an almost unchanged form. Vrećini are most often worn in Župa and Rijeka dubrovačka, but also in the coastal upper villages and in Majkovi and Dubravica.The grape-shaped two-piece earrings are bent in the shape of a ring branched so that they form two parts. The ends of the rings are filled with white enamel with pink dots. Tiny bead pearls are hung on earring rings.Due to its interesting and unique shape, vrećini is one of the most sought-after traditional jewellery by both the domestic population and foreign tourists.We make vrećini in our workshop.

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