These are earrings that were worn in all villages of Župa and Rijeka dubrovačka and on the Dubrovnik coast, and there are two types of earrings on offer.Earrings with one hollow ball resemble old Croatian earrings with one strawberry. According to some research, the oldest form of earrings is a crescent-shaped Slavic-Byzantine type.In the villages of the Dubrovnik coast, they are called žičice. Since there are two types of earrings, girls would receive small strings of a simple shape without a hollow ball from their parents or godparents at baptism.The second type of žičice are earrings in the shape of a loop with a hollow ball at the point of closure, and the surface of the wire is decorated with engraved ornaments in the shape of oblique crosses and horizontal lines. This type of earrings was intended for married women.Žičice are simple and decent earrings that women, cherishing tradition, are happy to wear.

Our workshop still makes them by hand today.

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