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The Ampir style of jewellery is the first style to give a 19th century stamp which spread from France with Napoleon’s army very quickly to Dubrovnik. It combines a sense of antiquity and the fashion of classicism and numerous innovations created at that time.
The bourgeoisie followed the Dubrovnik aristocracy without giving up the rich form of jewellery worn with traditional clothing in the villages of Rijeka dubrovačka and Župa dubrovačka.
Shaped like a flower head of several oval petals, in the middle is an oval case into which a stone is inserted, most often red, green, and sometimes white. They are decorated with one or two wreaths of small pearls. At the bottom hangs a pendant of irregular rhomboid shape with a ball of gold or pearls.
Civic earrings are one of the most beautiful fashion accessories and are still worn at all social events in the city of Dubrovnik.
In our workshop we make them by hand to the smallest detail.
100% handmade.


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