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Gold filigree earrings called verižice-konavoke are a type of jewellery whose size determines or emphasizes a woman’s age and her status in the family and society. During the first half of the 19th century, girls and women used all important social events, such as local celebrations, holidays, fairs, and especially going to Sunday Masses to show off their jewellery as a status symbol.
Konavle earrings are a feature of Konavle folk costumes, and in ancient times it was known exactly who wore what kind of earrings, so the oldest women wore the largest konavolke earrings, and girls wore the smallest.
Also, they were first on the list of jewellery that the young men presented to their chosen one.
They are a top form of skill of the Dubrovnik goldsmith’s trade and are in the form of gold rings of crescent-shaped filigree wire. The inner edge is decorated with a series of granules, and below is a ring with two tied pearls or coral as a pendant.
Due to their elegance konavolke are one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery in the whole of Croatia and have been enchanting for centuries with an aesthetic that only grows with age.
In our workshop we make them by hand in several sizes.

( KO2-75-40 )


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