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The shape of fjočice dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Fjočice was traditionally worn by newlyweds from Konavle on their wedding day. Through these beautiful earrings the brides showed their maturity and wealth. Very quickly, fjočice became a symbol of property that was passed down through the generations, and in addition to material values, they represented precious family memories, which were carefully preserved.
Today, the tradition of young women from Dubrovnik is being nurtured more and more, especially those of Konavle origin who like to wear vjenčanice-fjočice on their happiest day, the day of their wedding.
They are made in the shape of a bow made of filigree wire. In the middle there is a flower made with the filigree technique, and on the bows there are 5 pendants in the shape of a roller and a ball connected with a stick.
They are one of the most luxurious and demanding earrings to make.
Our workshop makes them by hand to the smallest detail (100% handmade).


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