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Earrings duhani or listače,which also originate from the 19th century,are typical of the Dubrovnik coast, which borders Herzegovina. Tobacco production for the area was the primary activity, and due to the importance of tobacco for the area, it was intended to be presented in the form of jewellery. Earrings were given by mothers to their eldest daughters as a wedding gift. Duhani are two piece earrings, the upper part of these earrings that makes up the faceted ball is called pucin and could be worn independently. Pucin also has a tilting on which a drop-shaped pendant is hung and consists of a larger faceted ball on which three tobacco leaves rest, which form the lower part of the earring. At the bottom is hung a small pendant of a faceted ball with a small granule on top. The lower part of the earring was hung exclusively on festive occasions in order for women to witness the centuries-old culture of life of their homeland. Because of their elegance and grace that they give to the face, they are still a favorite with Dubrovnik women at all social events.
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